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The School Education Council of Catalonia

General information

In 1986 the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia) created the Consell Escolar de Catalunya (CEC - The School Education Council of Catalonia) as a consultative body aimed at articulating social participation in the field of non-university education. It embodies the long standing tradition and continual will of social participation in the educational policy of Catalonia.

The School Education Council of Catalonia is formed by representatives of associations and organisations that make up the education community in Catalonia, mainly teachers, students, parents, administrative and service staff, government, municipalities, universities, trade unions, employers’ organisations, owners of private schools. The members of the CEC are selected by their own organisations and are appointed for a period of four years.

In accordance with the Education Law of Catalonia, the CEC is to be consulted about the laws, norms and regulations proposed by the Government regarding the education system, the improvement of the quality of the education, mesures addressing inequalities, as well as about the funding criteria for the provision of educational services and the general bases for scholarships' policy and grants for studying. The reports of those consultations, which are mandatory but not binding, influence the normative processes of the education system. According its own inititative, the Council can issue reports and address proposals to the Department of Education regarding the improvement of the education, the participation of the educational community and the future of the education system.

Data d'actualització: 29.01.2018